Advice for Those Who Are Less Experienced in Hiring an Escort

Not everyone is experienced when it comes to hiring escorts which are why some etiquettes are left out during the appointment. These etiquettes are something that will surely impress every escort and would ensure that the appointment is something that will be memorable for both of you. So if you want to ensure that you will be implementing every escorting etiquette then check out these tips:

Blowing too hard in her ear – There are some lads out there who believes that blowing in a girl’s ear is sexy. Well, the truth is, there’s nothing erotic about blowing into a girl’s ear and would even seem hurtful if you ask me.

Squeezing her breasts – There are some men who act like someone who’s testing a melon for ripeness every time they get their hands on a girl’s breasts. Instead, you should try stroking, caressing, and soothe them for a sexy kind of touch.

Biting her nipples – A lot of men fancy in fastening a woman’s nipples and would even clamp them down for their own sexual pleasure. You should know that the nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Women can’t stand it if you chew on them so it would be best just to lick and suck them gently instead. Flicking your tongue across the nipples can be pleasing as well.

Ignoring the other parts of her body – A woman’s body isn’t only limited to her breasts and vagina, but there are other parts that you should explore too. These body parts are mostly ignored because men would only focus on the best ones. So make sure that you pay attention to the other parts of her body by doing things that will make her feel more appreciated than usual.

Getting the hand trapped – If there is poor manual dexterity in the lower region of a woman’s body, then it can result in tangled fingers and poor underpants. If you plan on going for the aggressive approach, then let her take off her clothing instead.

Leaving a little present for her – Throwing away the condom should be a man’s job since he’s the one who wore it. You can dispose of it properly by wrapping it inside a tissue and then dispose it properly in the trash can. Don’t ever flush condoms down the toilet because it can pollute our beaches and even do some hard on our sea life.

Attacking the clitoris – Putting direct pressure on the clitoris can be very unpleasant so make sure that you gently rotate your tongue or fingers on it for pleasure instead.

Stopping for a break – Women aren’t like men wherein if you stop, they immediately go back to square one very fast. The best way to satisfy your partner is to keep on going no matter what the cost. Be observant about her body language so that you’ll know the timing. You can even ask her how she likes it to reach the climax even faster.